Is it sufficient to wear sports shoes with thermal socks in Hokkaido now in Jan?

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Or do we need water-proof shoes because of the snow?  
Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Answered 9 months ago

It might be different depending on which part of Hokkaido you are traveling, but if you are going to areas with snow, you will definitely need water-proof shoes. Cold water will soak into your shoes if you are not wearing water-proof shoes. It will make you cold when feet get wet. Even if it is sunny and streets seem clear, the road becomes wet when snow melt. 

Commented 9 months ago

Hi thank you for the reply. We are traveling around Hokkaido by car. I'm not sure what shoes to buy here in Malaysia so maybe I will buy the shoes only when we arrive in Sapporo.

Mari Takahashi

Commented 9 months ago

Buying shoes in Sapporon is a great idea. Go to Tanukikoji shopping street in Sapporo, there are several shoe stores selling snow shoes!


Commented 9 months ago

Great! Would the snow shoes be sufficient to walk on icy roads as well?


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