Is it compulsory to participate in a minimum of 2? I am a solo traveller and Monday 1st April would be my last day here, it would be lovely to spend with locals but I don’t know anyone else to take with me :) can you let me know please?

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Cristina Lorusso Cristina Lorusso, Visited Japan Once

Answered 11 months ago

Thank you! When I tried to book it only gave me a choice of 2 or 3 people, I couldn’t book it as a solo traveler, that’s why I asked. I have already left Japan, but I will make sure to use The Hub next time I am there! :) I will check if there isn’t anything similar in London! 
Yumie  Kohara Yumie Kohara, Living in Japan

Answered 11 months ago

You mean you want to join meat and eat with alone? If you say so, I think it doesn’t matter. I met a solo traveler a year ago with alone:) If you mean something another event or festival, I need to know more information, so let me know.