Is Akihabara worth visiting? *Looking for any and all answers/opinions from locals and pre-visitors. :)

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First of all, I realize this is just a general question based off individual preference. So just looking for opinions and a little context or reasoning to those opinions to make a better overall educated guess or plan of my own.

Context - I originally had planned the trip to around the Persona Super Live P-Sound Bomb!!!! 2017 event as I am a fan of the franchise, anime, JRPGs and so on. However, I cannot say that it drives my life and since my time is limited, I definitely want to get the most out of my trip to potentially see things and experience a culture first hand that I may never be able to again. So far my plan is 4 days in Kyoto, 2 days in Yokohama if I attend the event, 2/3 Osaka and 2/3 days in Akihabara area.
Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Answered over 3 years ago

Akihabara is very fun area if you like anime or video games. There are hundreds of second hand video games and anime DVD stores, so local people mostly enjoy shopping for those stuffs. A friend of mine who came from Canada said she is going to look for specific video game software in Akihabara. There are multiple arcades in Akihabara and some places let you enjoy video games from several decades ago. 
Other than that, maid cafes are one of the most significant destinations in Akihabara, it is a fun way to experience one side of Japanese culture, but I don't know if all people enjoys it. There are also maid bar and maid Izakayas, too. 
So I guess people who have specific objectives (like, find video game software from decades ago or specific anime related products such as figures), just walking around the area does not take you a long time, and not sure if it's worth visiting in your short time in Japan. 
Point OfNoReturn

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Thank you, Mari! While, I am a fan, I think I would regret more not taking the opportunity to see some of the other unique areas Japan has to offer or experiencing more of the culture that have enjoyed learning about over the years.

Mari Takahashi

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I think it is a great decision :) For the real anime/video game fans, Akihabara is the city that never makes them bored, but except them, there is not much to see truly.