I would like to visit a large supermarkets used by the local Japanese people. I am staying at the Mercure Ginza

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Alan Teoh

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Arigatogozaimas. I have followed up on Niku no Hanamasa and I can't wait to go there. The varieties of food available make me so happy. I should really stay longer and do my own cooking.

Alan Teoh Alan Teoh, Visited Japan Four times or more

Answered 10 months ago

Thank you all for the feedback.

The supermarkets I am looking for is one where I can buy fruits at a relatively lower price during my stay in Tokyo.

I have googled and found a Ito Yokado supermarket outside Oimachi Station, 17 minutes due south of Tokyo. I am assuming this is a large supermarkets (based on the photo) and is also where the locals shop and therefore relatively cheaper.
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Answered 10 months ago