I really want to experience the rural areas, mostly places with mountains. Any recommendations to where I could go and advice on where to stay?

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kunoichi kunoichi, Living in Japan

Answered over 3 years ago

If you are interested in hot springs, how about Ginzan Onsen? It's a small onsen village surrounded by mountain, and the view is so scenic. Around Ginzan Onsen is mostly farms, so you can experience rural sceneries, too. 
Norman Norman, Lived in Japan

Answered over 3 years ago

How about Shirakawago, Ogimachi in Gifu Prefecture?
Ogimachi village is located between the mountains. The village is amazing! 
Ogimachi is also well known for their house architect called "Gassho-zukuri", which are designed to easily shed snow from their roofs.

You can enjoy all over the year. The view of the village changes wonderfully! Once you get there, it's difficult to leave there, it's easy to forget the time in Ogimachi.
In addition, Ogimachi declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1995. 
You will love Ogimachi for sure!
Lester Xess

Commented over 3 years ago

Thank you very much!!!