I had an English guide to Tokyo which I forgot to bring with me. Where could I buy one here?

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Hotta MIki Hotta MIki, Living in Japan

Answered about 2 years ago

You can get a lot of free paper guidebook written  in English at Tourism Information Center.
Toraneko Toraneko, Lived in Japan

Answered over 2 years ago

The truth is, whichever you got, it probably has not been updated in several years and there is better and more updated info for free online.

Take the tourist guidebooks with a huge dose of salt. Do not solely rely on them. The truth is that many have not been updated in several years. Most of them are written by “experts” who know very little about Japan, and only mention the most famous places. Rarely to never are the Japanese themselves brought in, and they know their own country better than anyone. The most accurate and up to date info is online. Many “experts” don’t have a clue that so many more great unlisted places even exist.

If you really want something to hold and read, get the official tourist guide to Tokyo. You can get it at any tourist info office and some popular tourist places - FOR FREE.

It's loaded with 80 pages of places to see and things to do in Tokyo.