I am traveling with a friend to japan for 2 weeks in October. We are trying to go to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Is there any must do's for a first time traveler in these cities, as far as sights, or places to eat etc.

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Toraneko Toraneko, Lived in Japan

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You need to make an itinerary for what you want, and only you know what you like best.
Japan has many different aspects - its many temples/shrines, castles, shopping, arts, museums, gardens, hot springs, hiking, folk crafts, festivals, nature, pop culture, cuisine and so on.
So what interests you?
You can certainly browse some comprehensive info like on the JNTO Page, Japan Guide, official city websites with their own tourist guides, and Tokyo Cheapo. Osaka is more or less a clone of Tokyo, and you can skip a lot there during the day. The crown jewels in the region are Kyoto and Nara, plus Himeji with Japan's finest original castle. If there is any sight that is a must, it would be the Todaiji Great Buddha in Nara - absolutely stunning. For the rest, use the links above and do your research.

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Thanks for the info...i guess the first part i'm trying to nail down is how long to stay in each city. From the sound of it i can spend the least time in Osaka, and spend more time in Kyoto and Tokyo.


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In terms of interests. i wanted to hit all of those that you listed lol. Some hiking and seeing the fall foliage is a top priority for us, as well as visiting some of the temples and shrines. ive looked into Asakura Kannon temple and Sengaku-ji temple in the tokyo area. As well as Nijo castle, Golden Pavilion, Ryoanji Temple, and Mount Komagatake in the Kyoto areas. I will for sure add Todaiji Great Buddha and Himeji to our must see list though