I am traveling to Japan for two weeks with a friend. How much curreny/yen should i bring? I am not sure how many places accept credit cards as opposed to cash only vendors

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Goro Goro, Lived in Japan

Answered over 2 years ago

Hello. Currently we can use credit card in most of places. However we still need cash in bus, small shop and even in big shop because they will not accept credit card which are issued in foreign countries. (I think it’s due to chip in card) So please prepare some cash for that. I’m not sure how you want to stay in Japan but I think if you have about  50000 yen to 100000 yen, You don’t have any problem. If you won’t feel conform to bring such amount of cash, you can find ATM in convenience store (combini) or bank or big super market/shopping mall. But please be ready for worst case!! Have a nice trip to Japan: )

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Thanks for the info. I will probably bring between the amounts you suggested since I will be going to small shops and more rural areas, so i have to be prepared lol