I am looking for a local Sento or Onsen in Tokyo that is more quiet and not very busy.

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What time of day is the least crowded at a Sento or Onsen? 
Midori Midori, Living in Japan

Answered almost 3 years ago


In addition to Onsen with or without overnight stay in Ryokan, going to sento (local public bath) will be a good experience as you said.

You can find the list in English here, though it won't be a full list.

Nowadays most people do not go to sento on regular basis because most houses or apartments come with bath room. Previously many small apartments did not have it, so people used to go to sento in neighborhood. So you can try sento near your hotel first.
Shigeru Sakurai Shigeru Sakurai, Living in Japan

Answered almost 3 years ago

I don't know how you imagine about Japanese Onsen. In Japan, normally there are some or many staying houses ( be called as Ryokan) with bath(Onsen), and will stay one day or beyond two days in Ryokan. I think you could satisfy your request if you hope sites as above. ( there are some places closed to Tokyo.) Otherwise in Tokyo there are many Onsen which  you can return in a day and enjoy slow life. URL is as following, https://retrip.jp/articles/25125/ . Please try to consider these !