I am going to oirase gorge from Aomori for a day trip. The first bus would reach oirase gorge at abt 10am and the last bus leaves at 4pm. Is it sufficient to enjoy oirase gorge and lake towada? Should I stay the night?

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Toraneko Toraneko, Lived in Japan

Answered 8 months ago

The Oirase walk is about 13.5 km long - which is about 8½ miles. Even if you were to walk it one way and take the bus back, that would leave next to no time to see Lake Towada. So if you are going to take the trouble to go there, an overnight would make more sense.
You also don't say anything about the rest of your itinerary - if you are starting in Hokkaido, or need to return to Tokyo at the end or anything. All of that eats up more time as well.
 If you have time though, seeing Hirosaki is a great addition.
Stephanie HsinYi Tan

Commented 8 months ago

Thanks! Will be travelling to Hirosaki too!

Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Answered 9 months ago

I have been to Oirase Gorge in winter and we drove all the way to Aomori and spent a night there, because it seemed like there were not much things to do at night. It would be a nice idea to stay if you would like star watching or early morning hike. 
Stephanie HsinYi Tan

Commented 8 months ago

Thanks! I am taking a bus though!