How to start a used car trading business from Japan?

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Hello Japan, 

I am a US-based graduate and have visited Japan 3 times, I am currently studying about the automotive dealership and interested in starting a business to export cars from Japan and sell them here in the US. 

I am not familiar with this business, but I hope that people here can help me out with the Japanese used cars trading process. 

PS: Also want to learn about the Auction houses of different manufacturers, can anyone contact them or there are any requirements?

Toraneko Toraneko, Lived in Japan

Answered 5 days ago

I really have to ask how much research you have made into this. Sell Japanese market cars in America? How many people do you know are eager to drive a car with the driver's seat on the right hand side? Many smaller cars would never be allowed on US roads - they would easily fail the crash safety standards. Other cars would need significant emissions adjustments.
Most used Japanese cars sold abroad are sent to UK related countries for obvious reasons, or poorer Asian nations or Russia.