Hi guys I'll be in akihabara for buy action figure,dakimakura and a lot of things about anime,so what is the best shops that can I buy for a good price? thanks =D

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Obs.: I will love to know the name of the shops if you guys know,because I want to become with a lot of action figure for my room =D thanks guys and have a good day
Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Answered 9 days ago

Mandarake should be the one:

For more anime stuffs, try Animate:
Unfortunately, their website is only in Japanese but they have lots and lots and lots of stuffs! 
Matheus Mendes

Commented 5 days ago

thanks soo much for your help =D I'm very happy to see some good shops in the akihabara =D sorry for asking you one more question,what place you think is the best place to buy figures in japan and how can I reach this place from akihabara?if you have some time free I'll be very glad to know =D thanks for your time and have a very nice day

Mari Takahashi

Commented 4 days ago

The shops I wrote in the above answers all have great selections of figures. Other than that, try going to Nakano Broadway. It's straight from Akihabara by JR Sobu Line. Nakano Broadway is like a shopping mall dedicated for all otaku (anime & manga) stuffs! You will love there :) There are many small shops so spend one day or a half day exploring the building. It should be fun!