Hello, I am having problems in Spain trying to change euros for yen, can you advise me the best places to change euros in cash for yen in Tokyo, thank you.

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Toraneko Toraneko, Lived in Japan

Answered almost 3 years ago

The most convenient way would be to use your ATM card and go to a Japanese post office or 7-11 ATM machine.

They give a good exchange rate, and the 7-11 ATMs are open virtually 24 hours a day.
For cash, I have heard some Europeans say they had a better rate before going to Japan, but you can check yourself with the current rates in Japan at:
The right hand column is what you'll get buying yen with cash.

If you buy yen in Japan with cash, you can go to a bank counter (not kiosk) at the airport. People always start to argue if the rates in the city are better - if they are, it's not by much. The Japanese banks won't gouge you. You should have some yen as soon as you arrive anyway. There are also ATMs at the airport.

You can also see what Japanese money looks like at
 Note that you can not use 1 or 5 yen coins in vending machines and phones.

If you do plan to use your ATM card in Japan, make sure your bank knows about it first so they don't suspect fraudulent usage and freeze your account.

Norman Norman, Lived in Japan

Answered almost 3 years ago

There are some places you can exchange the currency at the banks, post offices, and airports. 
The easiest and fastest would be at the airport. If you are not changing big amount, their rates and commissions are almost the same. 
If you are changing big amoung, then Daikokuya (大黒屋) would be the best place to change the currency among them.