Does it snow in late December in Ginzan Onsen area?

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We will be in Tokyo from 19 Dec - 26 Dec, in Sendai from 26 Dec to I Jan, and back in Tokyo from 1 Jan to 3 Jan.   We are thinking of using the JR East Tohoku pass to visit the below places from Sendai:   1. Oouchi-jukuFukushima- 23 December 2. Ginzan OnsenYamagata-  28 December 3. Kakunodate Samurai DistrictAkita) - 30 December   Does it normally snow in those area late in December? It would be wonderful if it does!   Is there any other wonderful sights around Tohoku that you recommend? We really would love to hear it.   Looking forward to hear from you! Thank you.
Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Answered about 4 years ago

About Ginzan Onsen's snow
It is so nice that you are going to Ginzan Onsen! The weather is unpredictable but I guess it is likely to be snowy by the end of December. I went to Ginzan Onsen last March, and since last year was rather warm I did not get to see so much snow.

Other sights in Tohoku
If you are going to Ginzan Onsen, I strongly recommend to Yamadera Temple. Yamadera is between Sendai and Yamagata and about 1.5 hour train ride from Oishida station, which is the closest station of Ginzan Onsen. If you can drive, it's easier and faster but be careful of the snow and icy road.
Yamadera is a temple combined with the mountain and after about one hour of hiking you will get to see an amazing view of the rural town of Yamagata. Along the path is also a great atmosphere with jizo statues. 
Adding to Yamadera, going on a four temples pilgrimage, "Shiji Kairo" is also a popular activity for Japanese tourists.

When you are in Yamagata, do not forget to taste soba, buckwheat noodles since Yamagata is one of the most famous area for delicious soba.