Dear all, I trust all is well wherever you are. Can somebody let me know whether I could use the Narita Express all the way from the Narita Airport to Yurakucho station without changing train at Tokyo Station? Thank you in anticipation.

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Dag Klingstedt Dag Klingstedt, Living in Japan

Answered almost 3 years ago

The stations listed in the topmost graphic are the stops for Narita Express. So, no, you have to change to the JR Yamanote line at Tokyo Station, alternatively take a short cab ride or walk. It's very close, only about 12 minutes on foot.
Alan Teoh

Commented almost 3 years ago

Thank you Dag for the quick reply. Is it far to walk from the NEX Tokyo Station to the JR Yamanote line? The reason being that my wife and I would have luggages with us.

Dag Klingstedt

Commented almost 3 years ago

The NEX platforms are well below ground, but there are elevators and escalators. Once up on the ground floor, it's 5 minutes on foot to the Yamanote line platform.