Can you recommend any stores, more centrally located, to buy cute baby cloths? The department stores like Takashimaya are pretty expensive, so something more budget friendly?

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I really like the little outfits I see Japanese kids in with the little ears and tail (like a sheep or a bear) every time I've been to Japan. So now I'm pregnant, I want to buy some to take back to US when I'm in Tokyo next month :)
kunoichi kunoichi, Living in Japan

Answered over 3 years ago

I'm not sure if the stores below have the type of clothes you are looking for (the ones with cute little years and tails), but these are the most famous baby clothes stores that I know of.

1. Nishimatsuya
Most of the branches are in more residential areas but there is one branch in Odaiba (Decks Odaiba). 
They have cheap clothes and lots of Japanese moms love to shop at Nishimatsuya! (My friends, too)

2. Akachanhonpo
Akachanhonpo has not only the clothes but all sorts of babies goods. However, this shop do not have branch in central areas like Nishimatsuya. The closest shop to the central area should be Gotanda TOC branch:

3. Shimamura
Shimamura is not specialized in babies or kids clothes, they have womens and mens, too. Many moms love cheap fashion stuffs from Shimamura. I just saw the advertisement of this week and found clothes (cape?) with rabbit ears :) 

4. BabiesRUS
BabiesRus is in anywhere but this is the place to go for Japanese, too. There is a branch in Ikebukuro Sunshine City shopping mall:

Of course there are GAP babies and ZARA babies and those are popular as affordable babies clothes for Japanese moms :)
Ming He

Commented over 3 years ago

Thank you! None of my Japanese friends have kids so I felt awkward to ask them. Nishimatsuya and Akachanhonpo both look really cute. Gotanda is close enough to Meguro to be convenient. I look forward to shopping!!


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I hope you find something you like at one of the stores :)