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Hello, I'm very interested in vintage motorcycle and the Cafe / rocker style. I'm doing google search and I've only have found a few shops in Tokyo. I will be visiting Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka. any suggestions for those areas?
Goro Goro, Lived in Japan

Answered over 2 years ago

I am not familiar with bikes so please accept if the shop is not the type which you are looking for… I found some vintage bike shops as below. Nagoya area (Aichi pref.) Tokyo Maybe you will not visit in this time, but in Hiroshima   About Café, please find them here.  Nara Shizuoka (between Tokyo and Kyoto) Yokohama (next to Tokyo) I could not find any sites in English… but I hope you can see the atmosphere of shops and if you like it, check with translate site.
Manny Guzman

Commented over 2 years ago

Thank you Goro san! the Motorcycle shops are pretty much the style I'm looking for.