best bakery in Ginza

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Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Answered over 3 years ago

Chocolate bread from Johan is so so so good!
You'll have to line up and get a ticket to purchase this bread because it is so popular. The shop is on the underground floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi department store.

It's more close to Ginza Icchome Station, but CENTRE THE BAKERY has the best bread. So fluffy and tasty. There is also a cafe where you can have freshly toasted bread, sandwiches, cheese toast, etc.
leo leo, Living in Japan

Answered over 3 years ago

How  about Kimuraya? It's a long-established bakery which is famous for An Pan (bread with sweet bean paste). They have cafe on the second floor of the store. The bakery will be in front of you, if you take the A3 exit of Ginza station.