Are there anything to do in Chiba area?

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Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Answered over 4 years ago

Chiba area is not featured so much but actually, there are lots of attractions. ( I lived in Chiba for seven years, and personally, I wish the number of visitors to Chiba would increase)

- Seafood
As Chiba prefecture is surrounded by ocean, excellent quality of sashimi, sushi, and kaisen-don (sashimi rice bowl) are offered.
In "Choshi (銚子)", there is "Choshi Port" where you can enjoy freshly caught seafood. 

- Marine Sports, beach, dolphin watching
There are many agencies in Choshi and Katsuura that offer marine sports, diving and dolphin watching. Great experience with Japanese sea.
Also, Kujuukurihama (九十九里浜) and Ooami Shirasato Kaigan (大網白里海岸) are very popular and famous beach around Tokyo. Experience Japanese beach and Uminoie (海の家, means "sea house") which offer Japanese food Yakisoba or some skews and shaved ice, with of course beer and other drinks. 
- Natural attractions such as hiking
Yoroukeikoku (養老渓谷) - One of the best places to see beautiful autumn colors.  
Nokogiriyama (鋸山) - An easy climbing mountain with temples. Great view from the top!

- Local train lines and rural sceneries
Get away from crowded Tokyo and have a slow trip with local train lines. "Kururi-sen (久留里線), "Choshi Dentetsu (銚子電鉄)" and "Isumi Tetsudo (いすみ鉄道)" are famous lines. Enjoy the beautiful sceneries. Buy an Ekiben (Station Bento Box) with local specialties and enjoy the beautiful box together with the view. 

Especially around the end of March to early April, there are hundreds of rape blossoms and cherry blossoms along the railroad. Beautiful view.

- Narita-san Temple
One of the most famous temples in all Japan. Especially for new years. 
Around Narita-san Temple there are lots of souvenir shops, fun to explore. Eel rice bowl is the local specialty, quite expensive but worth trying.

- Shopping in outlet malls
There are three major outlet malls; Shisui Premium Outlet, Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu, and Mitsui Outlet Park Makuhari. 
Get some Japanese clothing and home goods in a great deal.

- Aquarium
Kamogawa Sea World is quite a big aquarium around Tokyo. The killer whale is their signature exhibition. They have spectacular dolphins and killer whale shows. I enjoyed both of them very much.