Are there small bars that will serve foreigners?

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Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Answered almost 4 years ago

I went these two bars few weeks ago and saw foreigners or had English menu.

JBS Shibuya
A cool bar with lots of records. The music played at the bar is of course played by a record player. The sound of analog felt very nice. I am not sure if it was because Friday, the place was so full and lively.

Bar Ishinohana
This bar is also in Shibuya. Very quiet bar with about 10 seats. Apparently this is one of the best bars in Tokyo serving amazing cocktails. I had two glasses and both of them are wonderful. One is Claudia, their signature cocktail. I could taste some pineapple. Another one I had is Oribe. It was a matcha latte cocktail!