Staying in ebisu and looking for good food and must see sites

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Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Answered about 4 years ago

The most famous site in Ebisu probably is Ebisu Garden Place. It's a shopping mall with fashionable small shops and some restaurants, too. There is a big beautiful Christmas tree displayed now until Christmas.
There is Ebisu Beer museum if you like beer. You can learn the history of Ebisu Beer and also taste fresh beer.
Take a short walk to Daikanyama area where you can find personally operated small shops.

Speaking of food, there are numerous great restaurants in Ebisu. 
- Ramen
AFURI in Ebisu is a must try. Apparently it's popular to travelers but reason is obvious. It's so good! AFURI is different from most ramens because they are health-cosious. They also have a vegetarian menu.
Another ramen place you should check out is Chorori. This place is near Ebisu Garden Place, and popular among people working around the area. Its light soy saice based soup is loved by everyone. Its notable that the place is open until very late.

- Wagyu Hamburger
Go to BLACOWS if you want to try wagyu beef in a casual way. BLACOWS grills the meat upon the order so it tastes so fresh. The quality of meat is promised.

- Okonomiyaki
I went to this small Okonomiyaki restaurant which has only bar seats. The place is called Imari. The chef cooks Okonomiyaki on a teppan, iron plate, in front of you. 

- Dimsum
There is a branch of the famous Dimsum restaurant in Taiwan, Jindinrou. Go for lunch and order a Dimsum + noodle lunch set. Their Dimsum is so juicy and tasty!

- ice cream
My favorite Japanese ice cream stand OUCA is in Ebisu. They offer various Japanese flavor ice cream such as Matcha, Hoji-cha, Sakura (cherry blossom), red bean azuki, etc. You can choose 3 flavors per a cup of ice cream. Try everything you are interested!
Javin Hui

Commented about 4 years ago

Thank you! I will definitely give it a try.. Especially the wagyu.. Is there any good shabu shabu around shibuya, harajuku or shinjuku area? I can take the yamanote line.. It's no problem

Mari Takahashi

Commented about 4 years ago

I have never been to any Shabu-Shabu in the area but Onyasai or Nabezou are both chain restaurants serving fairly good quality Shabu-Shabu. There is an article about Shabu-Shabu in Shinjuku: