Yumie Kohara

Living in Japan, Hi I’m YUMIE! I was living in Toronto, Canada for a year. I’m a friendly, talkative person. Let’s go out with me and exchange our culture through conversations!!


Answered almost 2 years ago

Is it compulsory to participate in a minimum of 2? I am a solo traveller and Monday 1st April would be my last day here, it would be lovely to spend with locals but I don’t know anyone else to take with me :) can you let me know please?

Yumie  Kohara Yumie Kohara, Living in Japan

You mean you want to join meat and eat with alone? If you say so, I think it doesn’t matter. I met a solo traveler a year ago with alone:) If you mean something another event or festival, I need to know more information, so let me know. 

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