Yumi Hachiya Zeviar

Lived in Japan, I'm Japanese, born and raised. Moved to Arizona, USA since 1995. Since 2009, I've been visiting my family in Japan about once a year.


Answered 6 months ago

Where can I buy cheap snack souvenirs (Tokyo Banana, Kitkat etc) or cosmetics (shishedo, kose, etc) in Tokyo and have lots stock of product? Thank you :)

Yumi Hachiya Zeviar Yumi Hachiya Zeviar, Lived in Japan

All the above answers are GREAT!Especially, if you want to buy in volume, yes, the Airport will be the best choice...I also happened to find Shinjuku Takashimaya Duty Free Shop where they carried (at that time) various KitKat (once I found Sake Flavor one!) aside from other souvenir snacks. https...

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