Yoshie Yanagida

Living in Japan, Hi! I'm Yoshie, living in Tokyo. work at international company as marketing. My boyfriend also works at international company & we talk in English sometimes. I think this service suites me(us) very much since I love eating, traveling, talking with foreigners! Enjoy your trip & Let's have a good dinner!


Answered 22 days ago

will be in Tokyo for 5 days in April 2018, and would like your recommendations to fill up our 5 days. We like cultural experiences, food, seeing cherry blossom.

Yoshie Yanagida Yoshie Yanagida, Living in Japan

I recommend to go to Asakusa.Since there is Sumida river near Asakusa, you can see cherry blossom blooming in riverside.And, Asakusa is very popular traditional place in Tokyo, you can experience wearing Kimono, getting on rickshaw or something like that.http://ebisuya.com/en_smp/