Wakana at Wakalture Experience

Living in Japan, Hi, I'm Wakana. I was born and raised here in Tokyo. I've lived in Australia and Canada to study English. I like to meet people from all over the world and talk about different cultures. I've been learning Japanese Calligraphy more than 20 years. I also studied Nutrition and have worked as a dietician. I have set-up the Wakalture Experience as I want to teach Japanese culture in a fun way to visitors. My main goal is to help visitors to Japan have a memorable time here in Japan:) Wakalture is where you can have authentic Japanese culture experience AND make a local friend (me!) :)


Answered over 2 years ago

It's our first time and we want to eat the best sushi and drink great sake. Where do we find this? We also want experience your traditional culture.

For sushi, if you want "the best", go to Ginza area would be expensive though...I recommend you Midori-sushi (http://www.sushinomidori.co.jp/eng/).The price is not so expensive and their sushi is quite good considering the price!!For traditional culture, take my calligraphy class!!lol Or tea-cere...