Susumu Matt Matsumoto

Living in Japan, Japanese. Tokyo local. Married. Have Wife, son and daughter. Now 45yesrd old.


Answered about 2 years ago

Hello....on Sept, i'm planning to tokyo, for the first time, around 5days. What place do you recommend to me, especially near Tokyo, where not really "busy", like central Tokyo, but still I can easily reach from Tokyo in one day trip?

Susumu Matt Matsumoto Susumu Matt Matsumoto, Living in Japan

How about Kamakura? One hour from central Tokyo by train and there are many good temples and shrines. And there are good cafes as well where you can take rest. Kamakura was a capital city of Japan 800 years ago when Samurai started governing Japanese society. 

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Answered over 2 years ago

What is the best way to go about making reservations at sushi restaurants in Tokyo? Is it best just to call even though I only speak English?

Susumu Matt Matsumoto Susumu Matt Matsumoto, Living in Japan

Hmmmm. Some sushi restaurants accept reservation online. But others(almost) accept phone call only. So you have to try anyway. My advise is to use simple words, no complete sentence is necessary. ‘‘Reservation, July 15th , 7PM, three people (better than ‘person or ‘group of three etc. )Email or f...

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