Shigeru Sakurai

Living in Japan, I manege a travel company. I'm 64 years old, male and living in Yokohama. My main business is to create a new tuors for “connect the city and the countryside”. In this opportunity, I'd like to try to hear whether inbound people take an interesting or not about Japanes rural areas.


Answered about 2 years ago

What food should I try in Tokyo? Would like to try wagyu beef, which restaurant serve the best? Thanks! :)

Shigeru Sakurai Shigeru Sakurai, Living in Japan

Wagyu is not so bad and you will find some good restaurants easily (e.g. ask the staff who are staying  at accommodation.) Furthermore I'd like to recommend Syabu-syabu ,Sukiyaki or Monjayaki. Especially I'd like to recommend strongly Monjayaki. There are many restaurants whuch are designed in Ja...

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Answered over 2 years ago

Tips when you are going to the Tsukiji Fish Market after 6am in the morning.

Shigeru Sakurai Shigeru Sakurai, Living in Japan

Tsukiji Market !, Good site to see as the fish market. But a little late , the market is beginning around from 5am. And after  finishing looking at the market, you should enter a sushi restaurant. There are many very fresh fishes stores and Sushi restaurants. After that you should go to Ginza and...

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