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Answered 3 days ago

kaiseki cuisine and insolite

leo leo, Living in Japan

I recommend Tofu-ya Ukai to enjoy Kaiseki cuisine in Tokyo. As in their name, the restaurant is famous for tofu but they also serve beautiful and tasty Japanese course. The restaurant is ander the Tokyo tower and the place is isolated from busy area, so you can enjoy silent atmosphere.http://www....

Answered 5 days ago

Does Japan accept Au pairs?

leo leo, Living in Japan

Au pair system is still new in Japan and it's not popular very much, but there seems to be some familes who accept au pair. I found an organization helping au pair in Japan. The web is English http://www.worldaupairinjapan.net/naviin/aupairinjp.html

Answered 6 days ago

What is the best district to stay in Tokyo?

leo leo, Living in Japan

I think Shinjuku is the best place to stay in Tokyo because the Shinjuku station is the central for wherever you want to go. There also many restaurants and covenience stores so you will never be inconvenience. The hotels are rather expensive in that area but there're reasonable ones if you resarch.

Answered 7 days ago

Where is the best place for street foods?

leo leo, Living in Japan

I reccomend "Yanaka Ginza Shotengai" which you can walk from JR Nippori station. You can enjoy Croquette,  Ikayaki (grilled aquid), Yakitori and so on. Each food can be taken out so you can enjoy walking the retro street eating those street foods.

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