Kazuko Sanami

Lived in Japan, World wide foodie. Experienced at starred restaurant in Paris and learnt Japanese Kaiseki professionaly. Currently living in NYC however will be in Tokyo for March and April, used to live in Italy, U.K. and France . Speaking Italian and French as well. Love from good street food to fine dining. I used to be helped by locals wherever I lived and I have been to. Now it's my turn!


Answered 22 days ago

Hi I will be in Tokyo the last month of March, Is it still recommendable to eat Fugu is there a season for it? Also any recommendations on places to go?

Kazuko Sanami Kazuko Sanami, Lived in Japan

If you wanted to have "wild fugu" it might be a little bit out of season. However farmed Fugu is very common and much cheaper than wild one. To recommend the place I need to know the budget. Starting around 5,000yen till 30,000 yen more or less. Depends of the quality and the place.

Answered 23 days ago

Where should we stay East of Tokyo?

Kazuko Sanami Kazuko Sanami, Lived in Japan

Hi, as Goro said, Narita-san could be a good option the rest would not be so interesting in my opinion. From Tokyo to Narita, there are many direct transportations whether bus or trains. Why don't you stay one of on those ways like Oshiage? It take just an hour so. This is just my idea and it mig...