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Living in Japan, my own Karaoke restaurant in Tokyo


Answered about 2 months ago

Are there any cultural rules we should be aware of when dining with the baby? Are there types of restaurants where it's not suitable to bring a baby (i.e. Izakayas, fine dining, etc) or are most places family friendly?

Junya Sakamoto Junya Sakamoto, Living in Japan

Hello,Most of restaurants are badys welcome,but some of restaurants are not bady welcome,in Japan still can smoke cigarettes inside of restaurants,some restaurants are separately,smoking seats or non smoking seats,but small restaurants are not separate smoking or non smoking seats,should be ask r...

Answered 5 months ago

Any good beef yakiniku near Shinjuku?

Junya Sakamoto Junya Sakamoto, Living in Japan

it is named very famous Yakiniku restaurant JoJoen ,it is good taste and a bit of expensive,Yakiniku ToraJi is good taste and not so expensive.Yakiniku Gyukaku is very cheap Yakiniku restaurant,all of them at Shinjuku.

Answered 5 months ago

Which restaurant should i eat for yakitori and BBQ

Junya Sakamoto Junya Sakamoto, Living in Japan

Usually Japanese people use to chopsticks to eating food, When you eat Ramen it will be useful to eat chopsticks,but if you can not use chopsticks to eat something,you can ask for restaurant stuff to give you knife and fork,long times ago ,sushi was first food in Japan,you can eat sushi by your h...

Answered 7 months ago

How to enjoy Izakaya correctly?

Junya Sakamoto Junya Sakamoto, Living in Japan

you can enjoy Japanese Izakaya without alcohols, Izakaya has all you can drink system,i mean you can drink alcohols or soft drinks for 90 min or 120 min, can drink alcohol in Japan up for 20 years old

Answered 10 months ago

Hi I will be in Tokyo the last month of March, Is it still recommendable to eat Fugu is there a season for it? Also any recommendations on places to go?

Junya Sakamoto Junya Sakamoto, Living in Japan

I recommend Fugu restaurant. Tokyo Minato ku ,Azabu jyuban,restaurant name is Fugutake .there are two restaurant,expensive Fugu couse restaurants and casual prices restaurants,casual prices restaurant name is Izakaya Fugutake.both restaurants will provide fresh Fugu.

Answered 11 months ago

Cheap places to eat around tokyo

Junya Sakamoto Junya Sakamoto, Living in Japan

Hello ,Where will you stay in Tokyo?because Tokyo is kind of big city.Tokyo Shitamachi area is cheap areas in Tokyo.Kitasenju or Akabane area.you should search by google.also Shinbashi area is a lot of valuable restaurants .i hope it will help about that your travel.