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Answered about 11 hours ago

Best Ramen in Shinjuku?

Goro Goro, Lived in Japan

I like 2 ramen shops in Shinjuku. 1: Menya Musashi http://menya634.co.jp/ This is the one of pioneer ramen shop in Shinjuku or Tokyo. If you like "real" ramen, please tast it there.   2: Menya Kaijin. https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1304/A130401/13045287/ This is a new style ramen shop. The soup is ma...

Answered 4 days ago

where should I stay in tokyo

Goro Goro, Lived in Japan

What do you like in Tokyo? Traditional side or modern side? If you like a traditional side, I suggest to stay Asakusa area. As you might know a famous temple, Sky tree and also you can try many traditional food. In the other hand if you like modern/westernised side, I believe the best place is Ro...

Answered 6 days ago

Tappenyaki - Fried Rice??

Goro Goro, Lived in Japan

We have 2 kind of teppanyaki in Japan. 1. Famous teppanyaki in the world: chef cooks in fr of customer. In this case we eat meat, vegetables, fried rice (like a chahan style as  Dag mentioned2. Traditional teppanyaki in Japan:   Okonomiyaki and Monjayaki. Okonomiyaki is pancakes w.meat, seafood a...

Answered 13 days ago

Which Tonkatsu restaurant in Tokyo is your favorite?

Goro Goro, Lived in Japan

My favourite restaurant is Saboten. You can find about 70 restaurants in Japan. Nice meat and we can get rice and cabbage salad as much as we want!! Please see the restaurant details here!! (I can’t reach an English site... but there is.) Bonne appétit :)http://www.ghf.co.jp/saboten/

Answered 25 days ago

What are the must see sights in Tokyo?

Goro Goro, Lived in Japan

I was born and grow up in tokyo. So I’ve never thought about sightseeing in tokyo. But.. last summer I visited Tokyo skytree with my European friends and .. it was wonderful !!!There are often nice events so please check it out !http://www.tokyo-skytree.jp/If it is too complicated to arrange book...

Answered 28 days ago

I want to learn how to make Taiyaki or Imagawayaki in Japan . Would you please tell me where I can learn to make Taiyaki ? I can go anywhere in Japan. Please let me know. Thank you.

Goro Goro, Lived in Japan

As I konw, in Hakoneyumoto, there is a Japanese style cafe and you can learn how to make taiyaki. That name of cafe is Ohanamichaya. You can find tv program report here http://twit-e.com/archives/9238691.html+ the cafe contant is https://www.google.co.jp/amp/s/s.tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1410/A141001...