Chika Shomura

Living in Japan, I often go to dinner with my friends. So askwhat you want to eat and let’s have dinner together!


Answered 8 months ago

Which restaurants should I go to in Tokyo?

Chika Shomura Chika Shomura, Living in Japan

What kind of food do you like?Would you like to eat Japanese traditional food? It depends on you tate, but how about Japanese restaurants offer sushi,tempura and so on?One of my reccommendation is “Monjyayaki” It is a typical food in Tokyo.You can check some Monjyayaki restaurants here.https://hu...

Answered 9 months ago

where to find in tokyo all you can eat Crab BBQ for 1 person.

Chika Shomura Chika Shomura, Living in Japan

 Maybe you are looking for the restaurant like this? English menu shows only regular food. But they serve all you can eat crab BBQ in this season.(You can check it in Japanese website )2 orders minimum t...