Why Yokohama Maritime Museum Is Worth Visiting

Why Yokohama Maritime Museum Is Worth Visiting

There’ something for everyone in Yokohama. And Yokohama’s pride: The Maritime Museum is a part of it, and now you will know why: Open to the public since 1985 as a museum ship and full-sail exhibition piece, the Nippon Maru is one of Yokohama’s grandest and treasures. 1. The Richness of history ...

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What are some of the best onsen districts in rural areas?

Moriko Moriko, Living in Japan

My favorite is Ginzan Onsen in Yamagata. Ginzan onsen is a onsen district with old Japanese style buildings still stand on the side of the river. All ryokans have only limited numbers of rooms thus the district is fairly quiet. Some of the ryokans don't allow children to stay over. Ginzan onsen i...

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