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Answered about 13 hours ago

Is Akihabara worth visiting? *Looking for any and all answers/opinions from locals and pre-visitors. :)

Mari Takahashi Mari Takahashi, Living in Japan

Akihabara is very fun area if you like anime or video games. There are hundreds of second hand video games and anime DVD stores, so local people mostly enjoy shopping for those stuffs. A friend of mine who came from Canada said she is going to look for specific video game software in Akihabara. T...

Answered 2 days ago

where to get the best local sushi

leo leo, Living in Japan

I'm not sure what do you mean by local. but I recommend Midori Zushi restaurant. is a chain restaurant, but I'm sure you can enjoy fine sushi at reasonable price. 

Answered 2 days ago

I'm going to Japan for 14 days in early June, arriving in Osaka and ending my trip in Hokkaido. Most likely spending 3 or 4 days in Osaka and Kyoto, 4 days in Tokyo, and at least 5 days in Hokkaido. Any recommendations for first time traveler to Japan?

kunoichi kunoichi, Living in Japan

You should definitely not miss typical sightseeing places such as Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto and Sensoji Temple in Tokyo. Here is my opinion what to not miss:- KyotoBeautiful temples and shrines, historic architectures, Kyoto style Kaiseki cuisine- OsakaLively atmosphere, Osaka food (Okonomiyaki an...

Answered 5 days ago

What is the best place in Tokyo for japanese whiskey tasting?

kunoichi kunoichi, Living in Japan

The number of Japanese whiskey bottles are getting less and less due to the popularity of whiskey in past few years, and it is becoming harder to encounter to Japanese whiskey with "aged" labels at bars nor stores. However, these bars might have such bottles:Brilliant in Keio Plaza Hotelhttp://ww...

Answered 5 days ago

where are the hidden gems to visit in end july/ early aug

kunoichi kunoichi, Living in Japan

July to early August is when Tsuyu, rainy season ends in Tokyo and real summer starts!A local Japanese common things to do in July/early august:  (many people take summer vacation)1.  Go to fireworks festivals.There are many fireworks festivals held in Tokyo from July to August. People put on Yuk...

Answered 5 days ago

Best use of time in Tokyo in 2 days?

Norman Norman, Lived in Japan

It depends on when you are going Japan, but if it's now, I would say:- Shibuya - Harajuku & Meiji shrine- Shinjuku- Robot Restaurant or Final Fantasy Cafe- Tsukiji fish market - Asakusa- Ryougoku (for Sumo)Hope you have a wonderful stay in Tokyo!

Answered 7 days ago

Where do I go for good reasonable priced meals in Shinjuku?

kunoichi kunoichi, Living in Japan

There are lots of fast food chain near Shinjuku south exit and east exit. Such as Yoshinoya or Matsuya (Gyudon, beef rice bowl) or Fujisoba (soba), Hanamaru Udon (udon), Hidakaya (ramen, gyoza) , Cocoichi (Japanese curry), etc. At those places, you can fulfill your stomach from 400 yen - under 1,...

Published 7 days ago

“Ieji”, the Sake Bar in Tokyo Monnaka to Try Truly Delicious Sake From Tohoku

“Ieji”, the Sake Bar in Tokyo Monnaka to Try Truly Delicious Sake From Tohoku

Ieji is the sake bar located in Monzennakacho (Monnaka), which is the east side of Tokyo. You can try various truly delicious sake from Tohoku Region, carefully picked by the master. The master takes great care of bottles to serve in fresh flavor and provides those sake at a reasonable price (on...

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