For your safety

To enjoy MEET & EAT safely, what should we care?

  • MEET & EAT is intended for exchanging cultures between groups, and we do not encourage people to use the service as one person.
  • Meet up at somewhere public and enjoy the dinner at restaurants with people’s eyes. We encourage our users to meet up at the exit of the nearest station from the restaurant and walk to the restaurants taking streets with lights.
  • We prohibit to use the service for dating, business, and solicitation objectives strictly in our terms.
  • Please enjoy MEET & EAT at our partner restaurants to avoid troubles. If you are going to anywhere except Partner Restaurants, be careful not to take and go to places that are not public.
  • Please be careful to not cause troubles due to too many alcohols, etc.
  • We suggest splitting the bill for food and drinks. Ask each other and make sure you all agree when ordering food and drinks.

We do not investigate our users with IDs, and many unspecified people use our services.
We require applications for local Japanese only, but the investigations are quite simple and done only according to self-assessment.

We do not assure any troubles occurred by using our services. Please pay full attention to enjoy the service safely. Also, please read through instructions and understand the service well before participating.

Hub Japan monitors the posted contents 24 hours. We may disable or delete the account in case we find something inappropriate.