How to use MEET & EAT

I’m registered as a Local now. How do I use MEET & EAT?

1. Check e-mail notifications for new requests

You will receive e-mail notifications to the registered e-mail address when there are new requests. Check Hub Japan website when you receive the message! (You have to log in to Hub Japan to view requests)

2. Reply to requests from Travelers

Check dates, etc., and reply as “Available” if you can participate! Adding some comments is a good idea to receive messages back from Travelers.
You can reply as “Unsure” if you are not sure about your schedule. You can exchange messages with Travelers when you reply as “Available” or “Unsure”. The matching is not complete at this point.

3. Exchange messages with Travelers

If Travelers get more than one reply from Locals, Travelers will decide one local in the end and do “Confirm Matching”. Start exchanging messages by saying “hi!” and find out their personalities and requests to the meeting.
You will receive notification e-mails when there are new messages. Don’t forget to check your mailbox.

4. Ask Travelers to do “Confirm Matching” and go to the restaurant!

When the group agreed to meet up, ask Travelers to do “Confirm Matching”. Decide the restaurant, meeting place and time and enjoy the dinner.
Hub Japan team recommends Travelers to make reservations to the restaurant. Share your appearances through messages so that you can find out each other easily!
Have a great time! MEET & EAT Partner Restaurants

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What happens when Locals reply to Travelers’ request?

Travelers and Locals can exchange messages when Locals reply as “Available” or “Unsure”. You cannot exchange messages with locals who replied as “Unavailable”.

My schedule changed and I want to edit my reply

You can always change your reply before Travelers do “Confirm Matching”.
Select your new reply (either “Available”, “Unsure”, “Unavailable”) and tap “Update” button.

How do I use MEET & EAT as a Traveler?

1. Send the MEET & EAT Request Form

Put your request to “MEET & EAT Request Form” and send after registering to Hub Japan and completing age verification via Facebook. (Related: How should I apply for using MEET & EAT as a Traveler)

MEET & EAT Request Form

2. Exchange messages with Local who replied

Await replies from Locals. You will receive notification e-mails when you get replies from Locals. Don’t forget to check your mailbox.
If you find someone interesting within the list of “Available” or "Unsure" Locals, send a message to say Hi.
Not all Locals speak fluent English. They may be easier to respond if you use simple, easy English. We are planning to add fixed phrases and translation to support text communication.

Send messages to Locals

3. Confirm Matching

When Locals and Travelers both agreed to meet each other, you should "Confirm Matching". Matching will be fixed at this point finally when the Traveler pressed the button. Travelers can "Confirm Matching" with only one Local from replies. Other locals who replied to the request as "Available" will get a notification that the request is closed. If you were exchanging messages with multiple Locals, please tell them that you are meeting with a different Local with respect.

Confirm Matching

4. Show up at the meeting place

Check the date, time (in Japan time), meeting place, and restaurant with Locals. Please feel free to ask for suggestions to Locals. We basically recommend Travelers to book tables.
All that is left is to show up at the meeting place on the day. Share each others' appearances via messages in advance. Enjoy a delicious meal and great conversations.
MEET & EAT Partner Restaurants

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There are no replies to my message. What should I do?

You will receive e-mail notifications when you get a new message, but the person may have missed checking the mailbox. Please try to send a message again. Also, please check that you can receive messages from “” domains.

How do I cancel the matching?

You can cancel from the reply page if you need to cancel the matching for unavoidable reasons.

Cancel matching

If you need to cancel after confirm matching, do not do that without a word and explain the reasons to Locals to avoid troubles. The person who made reservation need to cancel the tables according to the cancellation policy by the restaurant. If any damage occurs, refer to Hub Japan's cancellation policy and considering the reasons, Travelers and Locals must discuss the damages and decide how to solve the problem by themselves. Hub Japan team will not involve in canceling at all.
Detailed cancellation policy