Notice and prohibitions

Are there any notices or prohibitions?

  1. MEET & EAT is a group matching service, and we do not recommend to participate alone. Invite your friends, etc., if possible. The person coming with you does not need to register to Hub Japan.
  2. Those who wish to use MEET & EAT must verify your age with Facebook. People under 20 years old cannot use the service. Underage drinking is prohibited by Japanese law.
  3. Both Travelers and Locals who participate in the matchings are all ordinary people. They are not in relations of hosts/guests. Respect each other and avoid causing troubles.
  4. We suggest splitting the bill with Travelers and Locals. Ask each other and make sure you all agree when ordering food and drinks
  5. We prohibit all participants to use for dating objectives, do solicitations to network businesses, religious activities, self-help seminars, etc., and any business activities in this service.
  6. Please meet up at one of our MEET & EAT Partner Restaurants to avoid troubles. If you are going to anywhere except Partner Restaurants, be careful not to take and go to places that are not public.
  7. Please be careful to not cause troubles due to too much alcohol, etc.
  8. Hub Japan monitors the use of services 24 hours. We may disable or delete the account in case we find something inappropriate.
  9. Hub Japan only checks profile information according to self-assessment. We do not assure any troubles occurred by using our services. Please pay full attention to enjoy the service safely.
  10. This service does not ensure the matching itself.
  11. Please also read thoroughly MEET & EAT help page and terms.