About MEET & EAT

What is MEET & EAT?

MEET & EAT is a social matching service for travelers who want to feel real Japanese culture from unique experiences, and local Japanese who want to feel different cultures within Japan. You can have cultural exchanges between small groups of travelers and local Japanese (3 and 3 are the maximum) while enjoying delicious local, common meals and drinks in Japan.

In Japan, there is a coined word "Nominication" which added the verb "Nomu", meaning to drink, and "communication". We wish people with different cultural background become able to do "Nominication" casually while having food and drinks at local restaurants.

We provide the beta service right now. At this point, we only provide the service in English, and at Partner Restaurants within Tokyo.

Please also refer to MEET & EAT's about page and this help page for more details.

Is there any fee for using MEET & EAT?

Since MEET & EAT is currently a beta service, we are offering the service for FREE right now.
You only have to cover for your own food and drinks (we recommend to split the bill with Japanese) and transportation fee to the restaurant.

Where will we meet up and dine?

You will socialize with Japanese at MEET & EAT Partner Restaurants. Travelers and Locals discuss and choose one restaurant to visit together.

We recommend choosing a restaurant from our MEET & EAT Partner Restaurants to avoid troubles. Please be careful if you are going to meet with Locals at restaurants that are not on our list.

Meeting place will differ by restaurants, but it will likely to be the specific exit of the nearest station to the restaurant. (Since it is sometimes hard for travelers to read signs of restaurants in Japanese characters, we recommend to meet at stations and walk to the restaurant together) Hub Japan shows suggestions for meeting place in each restaurant page.

Also, to enjoy various delicious food in MEET & EAT, we always recruit restaurants. If you have any particular restaurants that you wish to recommend as a meeting place, let us know from the contact page. (This does not mean that we promise to add the restaurant)