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Notice about using MEET & EAT


MEET & EAT is a service for travelers (you and your company) and local Japanese (him/her and their company) to meet up, have a meal, and exchange cultures in a small maximum of 3 and 3 group.
Sit together, enjoy local meals and drinks while having great conversations just like friends!



* Since MEET & EAT is currently a beta service, we are offering the service for FREE right now and the service is provided limitedly in Tokyo.

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1. Casual meet up, small groups You can have casual cultural exchange between small groups of travelers and local Japanese. (3 and 3 is maximum)

2. No need to spend money You only have to cover for your food, drinks and transportation to the restaurant. Please split the bill at the restaurant with local Japanese.

3. Delicious local food and drink Enjoy delicious food, drink, and cultural exchange at our Partner Restaurants which locals often visit!

4. Japanese don’t aim for earnings Japanese participants are not "hosts" who aim for earnings; they just want to meet people. They may not speak perfect English, but brings REAL interactions!

MEET & EAT is perfect for someone...

Who likes to experience something non-touristy.

Who wants to feel the real culture by interacting with locals.

Who wants to chat with someone with same interests.

Who likes to make new local Japanese friends.


Local Japanese who join this activity is ordinary Japanese who do not have business objectives. Their common interest is to have cultural exchange and practice their English, and more than anything, enjoy meeting new people. Therefore, not all of them speak fluent English, but we think that makes you able to experience the real Japanese culture by interacting with real Japanese.

HOW IT WORKS At this point, we only provide the service in English, and at restaurants within Tokyo Participate as a Local

Fill in the Request Form Put information about you and your request in the Request Form.

Pick restaurants Find restaurants you are interested from our MEET & EAT Partner Restaurants. You can also discuss with Locals. View Restaurants List

Communicate with Japanese View profiles and communicate with people you are interested. Decide one local to meet up if you get more than one reply.

Book and go Book the restaurant and show up on the decided date, time, place. Enjoy!

Try authentic Japanese food at MEET & EAT Partner Restaurants
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Since MEET & EAT is currently a beta service, we are offering the service for FREE right now.

The only fee you need to pay is for your own food and drinks.

Please split the bill with local Japanese at the restaurant.

GALLERY Many travelers participated during test period with limited locals! All of them enjoyed very much.


Judi & Juan from Ireland & Spain "We have had the most wonderful night! You gave us true insight into how Tokyo people live and enjoy their times." - Judi & Juan from Ireland & Spain

Anna-Maria & Lennart from Sweden "Very nicely organized. Fantastic food and company, culture exchange, good conversation, and hospitality. We are very happy for this night and we made new friends. Arigato :)" - Anna-Maria & Lennart from Sweden

Arianna from Canada "Total must-do in Tokyo! I had such a great time. They took me out to some seriously great food - okonomiyaki, monjayaki, and some of the freshest sashimi. It's a great way to meet amazing people and get a truly authentic experience of Tokyo." - Arianna from Canada

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