Let’s learn how to make authentic sushi with a Japanese professional instructor! You will be satisfied with both Sushi Making experience and the taste of Sushi you will make!

Let’s learn how to make sushi correctly under kind directions from a Japanese English-speaking professional Sushi instructor, at “Sushi Making Experience Japan”!
This class’s goal is to offer a great quality of Sushi Making Experience with the various kinds of fresh and tasty ingredients in a typical Japanese apartment and warm-hearted Japanese Omotenashi. You will master how to make sushi properly from a professional Japanese sushi instructor. The class will be conducted in full-English.
Impress your friends and families by making sushi when you are back home!

Content of the plan

1) Let’s learn about Sushi and Japan! (quiz contest)

2) Let’s make Vinegared rice!
3) Let’s make California Roll!
4) Let’s make Decorative Sushi Roll!
5) Let’s make 7 kinds of Nigiri Sushi!
6) Let’s enjoy sushi you made!
7) Tea time (enjoy Japanese sweets and tea)

Recipe and pictures will be sent later so you can totally focus on the class.

Profile of the host

Hidetomo (Hide) Mizobe

I graduated from Tokyo Sushi Academy and got my Diploma in Japanese Traditional Style sushi. I have given wonderful memories to more than 450 tourists through sushi making experiences. I studied English in Canada for nine months, and now work for a global company on weekdays and become a professional sushi instructor on weekends.
I love touching upon international cultures and talking with international tourists about lots of things all over the world.

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Sushi Making Experience Japan

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Website : http://sushi-making.com/
E-mail : contact@sushi-making.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/sushi.making.experience.Japan/
TripAdiviser: https://www.tripadvisor.jp/Attraction_Review-g298173-d10582521-Reviews-Sushi_Making_Experience_Japan-Yokohama_Kanagawa_Prefecture_Kanto.html

Meeting place

Tokyu Toyoko Line Tsunashima Station (Only 21 mins by train from Shibuya (Central Tokyo), 29 mins by train from Roppongi, and 9 mins by train from Yokohama)

Sushi Making Experience near Tokyo (Kanagawa) with a Japanese Professional