What you can expect

Ginza is famous for the up-market department stores and glittering high class boutiques on its main shopping street. This main street becomes "hokosha tengoku" (pedestrian zone) on weekends when it is closed to traffic. Tourists often come to enjoy this main attraction in the central area of Ginza, but not many know about the hidden back streets that are filled with traditional and long-estabished shops. On this tour, you will discover the historical side of Ginza, visiting old shops that sell beautiful ceramics and confectionery. The exteriors of the shops themselves are also a sight to see. Explore the hidden areas of Ginza and find a secret shrine with your otomo tour guide!


- Explore the back streets of Ginza filled with shops that have long histories, only known by a handful of locals.
- Discover elegant wagashi confectionery shops, a sacred shrine that quietly stands behind business office buildings and individualistic variety shops.


- Tosai
- Tachibana
- Toyoiwa Inari Shrine
- Ginza Ki Gallery Mon
- Azuma Inari Shrine
- Ginza Wakamatsu
- Ginza Matsuzaki Senbei
- Hodo Inari Shrine


The plan is available from 11:00AM-, 0:00PM-, 1:00PM-, 2:00PM-, and 3:00PM- every day.
Please contact to the host to check availability on specific dates.

Meeting place

By the Ginza Ticket Gate at the JR line, Shinbashi Station

A Tour of the Back Streets of Ginza