Experience a side of Japan you did not know in Harajuku!

What you can expect

Harajuku is a town that absorbs popular culture and fashion from all over the world and creates its own unique style. Experience the true meaning of the famous Japanese word; kawaii (cute), on this tour, through visiting kawaii, colourful locations. Great for photographs!
The selection of fun cafes and shops to visit, includes a restaurant that serves rainbow pasta, a shop of all things pink and a fairy tail themed shop. A day in Harajuku with your otomo tour guide will leave your camera roll looking fabulously colorful! This tour was created for people to experience the newer side of Japan's culture, as well as for all the kawaii lovers out there!


- See, feel and experience the latest of kawaii.
- Fill your camera roll up with exciting photographs of unusual cafes and knick knack shops.
- Harajuku is the only place in Tokyo where you can enjoy very different atmospheres, all in the same area!


- BUBBLES Shinjuku Branch
- Moshi Moshi Box
- Now is Forever
- EATME Harajuku Main Branch
- Alice on Wednesday, Tokyo


The plan is available from 12:00PM-, 1:00PM-, 2:00PM-, and 3:00PM every day.
Please contact to the host to check availability on specific dates.

Meeting place

In front of GAP by the Omotesando Exit at the JR line, Harajuku Station

Colorful photo opportunities in the birthplace of kawaii