Walk the Shibuya Crossing and experience virtual reality.

What you can expect

Experience everything from contemporary to classic entertainment in Shibuya. In this tour you will get the chance to experience virtual and augmented reality games, including HADO which is a new kind of sport experienced through augmented reality. Forget about language barriers - your otomo tour guide will translate everything for you! For the classic Shibuya experience, walk the Shibuya Crossing; the biggest scramble crossing in the world with 500,000 people crossing over it everyday. At the end of the tour, you will be taken to a little retro bar district; Nonbei Yokocho, to experience the typical Japanese night scene. If you want to enjoy some active sightseeing, this tour is recommended!


- Experience cutting edge technology through virtual and augmented reality.
- Walk the chaotic Shibuya Crossing.
- Ride an escalator resembling a space ship.
- Enjoy some drinks, typical Japanese style, in the narrow streets of Nonbei Yokocho, lit with lanterns.


- Shibuya Crossing
- Myth of Tomorrow Mural
- Urban Core
- Shibuya Hikarie
- VREX, Shibuya Miya Masuzaka
- Nonbei Yokocho


The plan is available from 2:00PM-, 3:00PM-, 4:00PM-, 5:00PM-, and 6:00PM- every day.
Please contact to the host to check availability on specific dates.

Meeting place

In front of the Hachiko Statue at Shibuya Station (Located in Hachiko Square outside the Hachiko Exit Ticket Gate of the JR line, Shibuya Station)

The Town of Trends and Chaos; Shibuya