* This plan is not accepting new booking requests temporarily.
Interested in wearing Kimono and visiting a Japanese home? This plan makes both come true!
I, a Japanese mom Moriko, who wears Kimono daily, will dress Kimono for you. Not only experience wearing Kimono but also you are allowed to walk around the city of Tokyo with Kimono on!

I will welcome you to my home and help you wear Kimono. I have many Kimonos so you can choose Kimono with the prints of your choice.

[Example of timetable]
* Starting time is negotiable
10:00 Meet at Shimura-Sanchome Station (Toei Mita Line)
10:30 Arrive at Moriko's home, choose a Kimono you would like to wear
12:00 Finish dressing (*takes about 30 minutes to dress a kimono per person). You have 4-hour free time to walk around with Kimono
16:00 Meet at Shimura-Sanchome Station (Toei Mita Line) again
16:30 Arrive at Moriko's home, undress kimono
17:00 End of the plan

You can choose from various prints. There are over 10 some kinds!

[Available day and time]
Every day
* Some days may not be available due to the host’s schedule.

[Cost Includes]
- Rental Kimono and Kimono accessories except Zori (Kimono sandals) and bag

[Profile of the host]

Hello all, I am Moriko.
I have love traditional cultural activities and well-experienced on Japanese Dance (Nihonbuyo), Ikebana, and tea ceremony. I wear Kimono daily and have many designs.
I would love to help your experience in Japan memorable!

- This plan is women only.
- Your height must be under 170cm
- Please bring your own Zori (Kimono sandals) No rentals available.
- The maximum number of people is 3.
- You can walk around with rented Kimono but be careful not to harm. If we find any damages, such as stains or holes, please pay me ¥3,000
- You can leave your belongings when you go out with Kimono. However, please carry valuables with you.
- English Only

Meeting place

Shimura Sanchome Station (Toei Mita Line)

Rental Kimono at a Japanese mom's home and spend a day in Kimono