Touch and enjoy the newest products of Japanese housing manufacturers.

What you can expect

If you are a fan of Japanese technology or a lover of IKEA, this tour might be right up your street. There are over 60 companies that have showrooms in Shinjuku, and we have picked out companies with a great variety of styles for this tour. The kitchens, toilets, baths, doors, walls, fittings etc, are all designed and produced by Japanese manufacturers. You may have bought electric appliances from Japan in the past, but you have probably never had a specialist explain the latest technological advancements to you. The explanations are always made in Japanese in showrooms, but not to worry, you have your translator, your otomo tour guide with you!


- Touch, see and experience Japanese technology.
- You can pick and choose what you would like to see, from a selection of furniture and creative storage; floor, walls and fittings; kitchen facilities; toilets and baths; housing equipment and other components; textiles and lighting, you name it!
- The showrooms, of course, sell general merchandise for you to peruse for souvenirs as well.


- TOTO, DAIKIN, YKK AP Tokyo Collaboration Showroom
- SHINJUKU NS Building
- Tokyo Gas Shinjuku Showroom
- Living Design Center OZONE


The plan is available from 10:00AM-, 11:00AM-, 12:00PM-, 1:00PM- and 2:00PM- on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday to Sunday. The plan is not available on Wednesdays.
Please contact to the host to check availability on specific dates.

Meeting place

In front of the West Exit ticket gate at the JR line, Shinjuku Station

Discover Japan's Latest Technology in the Shinjuku Showrooms