* Full booked until Jan 6, 2017
Let's spend a fun time together! My partner and I are a Japanese couple who are eager to meet new friends from abroad.
My partner and I will take you to “Monja Street” in Tsukishima, where 100 monjayaki restaurants gather! Monjayaki is the most famous Tokyo local food and Okonomiyaki is originally from Osaka, but also available in Tokyo and Monjayaki restaurants. I will help you choose what to order and cook the food. I love Monjayaki & Okonomiyaki and have been to those restaurants so many times :D

[Available Day and Time]
Every day after 6:30 PM
* Some days may not be available due to the host’s schedule.

[Cost Includes]
- We will split the bill. The host pays for own food & meal, no need to pay for the host. Please pay for your food & meal.

[Request from the host]
We have just started this BE A LOCAL service in Hub Japan and trying to collect pictures and comments of the guests to put on our website and SNS pages. So we will ask you to be in few pictures on the day, and also ask you for some comments from you.

[Profile of the host]

Hello I am Sosuke!
I was born and raised in Tokyo and I think I know about the city pretty well. I like Japanese history and love to eat Japanese food and drink sake and beer.
I am the director of Hub Japan and love to make new friends. Let's have a fun time together!

- We will split the bill. The host pays for own food & meal, no need to pay for the host.
- The maximum number of people is 4.
- If there are any children, please give me an advanced notice and tell me their ages.
- The environment may not be smoking free. If you have strong preferences, please give me a notice in advance.
- Please bring enough cash
- English Only

Meeting place

Tsukishima Station (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line or Toei Oedo Line)

Let's enjoy Okonomiyaki and Monjayaki together!