Shop in traditional wholesale shops, in business since the Edo period

What you can expect

With Sumida River running alongside it, Asakusabashi is a district that spreads across an area of the Taito Ward. It has flourished as the street that leads up to Sensoji Temple and Kaminarimon. Asakusabashi is the town of "handicraft". Markets and workshops of hina dolls (used as decorations for the Doll Festival on Girls' Day) flourished in the Edo period (1603-1868), and after the war wholesale clothing and textile shops thrived here too. To the east of Asakusabashi station you can visit the long established hina doll and hand fan shops, and to the west, the wholesale shops. In the recent years, emerging artists have started selling their work here, too.


- Visit long-established shops that sell beautiful, traditional handicraft of dolls and hand fans.
- Enjoy modern and present-day craftsmanship to the west of the station.
- Search for one-of-a-kind, unique souvenirs you will not find anywhere else!


- Kiwa Seisakujo
- Matsuneya
- Kyugetsu Asakusabashi
- Morinotokei
- Kameya Yamato
- starnet Tokyo
- Abheri workshop
- Agata Takesawa Building
- Co-


The plan is available from 10:00AM-, 11:00AM-, 12:00PM-, 1:00PM-, 2:00PM-, and 3:00PM Monday to Saturday. The plan is not available on Sundays.
Please contact to the host to check availability on specific dates.

Meeting place

By the East Exit at the JR line, Asakusabashi Station

Special Souvenirs Only Found Here, in the Town of Craftsmen