Visit areas of Tsukiji hard to access alone, and eat lots of seafood!

What you can expect

Many are familiar with Tsukiji Fish Market. Cheap sushi and seafood on rice, tons of people, and the buzzing market of dynamic food stalls. The outer market is a crowded area that holds 400 food stools. You could probably visit this area unaided, however, otomo takes the Tsukiji Fish Market Tour a step further. We guide you through areas where professionals work, take you to a museum where you will learn about the history of the fish market, introduce you to the famous dish of Tsukishima Island's; monja-yaki, and show you unusual views of this area. Whether you have already been to Tsukiji or not, you will be sure to enjoy this in-depth tour of the great fish market!


- Enjoy delicious Japanese food in the outer markets.
- It is not just the seafood that is great. Try ramen noodles, tempura and doteni as well!
- Learn about the history and culture of Tsukiji and its surrounding area.
- In the Tsukishima downtown area there is a place where you can see an unusual view of the city; a line up of old houses and shops in the foreground with the modern city of Tokyo, full of skyscrapers, in the background.
- Try the delicious monja-yaki, a famous dish of Tsukishima's.


- Tsukiji Outer Market, Tsukiji Uogashi: A new facility opened in 2016. Within the 2 buildings there is an aquarium and a total of 60 fresh fruit and vegatable stalls, enough entertainment for a rainy day! On the 3rd floor there is an open terrace, where food purchased from the "off-site market" in front can be enjoyed.
- Time Dome Akashi: A facility of Chuo-ku showing its history, art and astronomy. See the formation of Edo Castle town and Tsukishima from simple models and panels, this understanding will enhance you walk to the next area!
- Tsukuda-jima Island: Lets take a walk around the port city that flourished from 400 years ago! Experience temples unique to the city, local beliefs from ojizou-sans, and local life.
- Tsukishima, Nishinaka Dori Shotengai Shopping Street: Local specialities, a shopping district of "Monjayaki." The smell of sauce from Teppanyaki plates will tempt you into the Monjayaki shops.


The plan is available from 10:00AM-, 11:00AM-, and 0:00PM- every day.
Please contact to the host to check availability on specific dates.

Meeting place

Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line "Tsukiji Station" Exit 1

Eat and Learn about the Food and History of Tokyo in Tsukiji