Ginza Kyubey in Tokyo is established in 1935. Throughout the decades, it has developed to become one of the best sushi restaurants in Japan. With our reservation system, you can successfully book seats there!

Ginza Kyubey in Tokyo is a high-end restaurant owned by Yosuke Imada, a second-generation manager. With a history dating back to 1935, Ginza Kyubey has an established reputation as one of the best places to try authentic Edo-mae style sushi in Japan. Guests from all over the world repeatedly come to this restaurant and call it "a mecca for sushi lovers."

Ginza Kyubey's secrets lie in the excellent taste which results from the combination of using only local and fresh Japanese seafood and seasoning the rice in a way that emphasizes the deliciousness of each individual grain. The customized menu set at Ginza Kyubey will change your image of sushi, and you will always want to return to this place for more!

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