Cosplay, BL cafes and a rich variety of fanzines!

What you can expect

Fujoshi are girls who enjoy yaoi; a genre that contains sexual and/or romantic relations between men. You may know that Akihabara is famous as the area for otaku, but did you know that Ikebukuro is famous for fujoshi? This tour will introduce you to lots of moe (feelings of strong affection mainly towards characters in anime and manga) experiences in Ikebukuro.
No need for guidebooks or maps, just follow your otomo tour guide. Your tour guide will take you to the areas where yaoi-lovers go, such as "Otome Road" and other locations related to BL (Boys Love)!


- Experience another type of otaku culture to that of Akihabara's.
- Enjoy picking out what you like from the rich selection of goods and fanzines at the holy land of BL.
- You can buy cosplay costumes and try them on to take photos as well!
- Buy souvenirs for your friends back home.


- ACOS Ikebukuro
- Premia Anime Shop Lashinbang
- K-books Ikebukuro Doujin-kan
- CAFE801
- Animate Ikebukuro
- Minami Ikebukuro Park


The plan is available from 11:00-, 12:00PM-, 1:00PM-, 2:00PM-, 3:00PM-, and 4:00PM- every day.
Please contact to the host to check availability on specific dates.

Meeting place

By the Ikefukuro Owl Statue outside the East Exit at the JR line, Ikebukuro Station

A Tour of Yaoi in Ikebukuro for Otaku and Fujoshi